Pre App Launch Testers - YES YOU!

Hi guys,

I would really appreciate some feedback on my new Brisbane, Australia startup app APPORTER.

APPORTER offers a luxury hotel concierge service to apartment residents.


  • All signup details will be deleted in 5 day

  • Trial the IRONING or CATERING categories

  • Do not use the payment gateway as it is LIVE!


HMC displays blank page
… yes blank !!!

No it doesn’t ? 5 people have used it and here is the example again I just clicked

Works fine for me too. It’s looking great @hughmcampbell! Would love to know how this progresses, please do let give updates periodically!

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Just need the payment gateway fixed

firefox allergy…region filtering…IPs…verrrrrrrrrry slow ?
:man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

firefox bro

As this is for mobile apps can I suggest opening on your phone?

yeahh, working fine…from mobile now. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Too bad, there was no foot massage available in my area :smile:
working great !

Hey Hugh,

Nice work!
One issue I see is that on the checkout page, you are not able to scroll. If you have more then 2 items, you can not see the whole list, as well as the Special instruction input.

See image:

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Awesome mate thank you

Fixed it, thank you for the heads up

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This app looks gorgeous btw

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check out my latest … even better!