Prevent screen to open without login


AM trying to discover Adalo by building the Trip APP. but I need the users to see the added trips from the home page and if the user need to add his own trip then he has to login first before is shown him the “add trip screen”

How to enforce the user to login before open special screen?

You can use this approach by @Victor

Instead of allowing to continue as a guest in the video, you can provide only 1 option (login/register)


Thanks, for your fast reply.

but this just a workaround, I think Adalo team need to handle this case.


I believe there is already a feature request here:

If not you can raise one.

I did it …

Hi @ahmedalnaqa,

Definitely it is a workaround :slight_smile:

I believe that this is a similar request here:

BTW, I tried to create similar via some kind of a “session storage” (used separate collection for that), but at the end came to the conclusion that it is easier to do it with pseudo-users. Main downside for any other collection but users - they may become unavailable at some screens.

Best regards, Victor.

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It’s a perfect idea, and I will follow your steps.
but we hope Adalo team review this important need.


I solved this case … with support from someone called “Colin Winhall”, this is his idea:

This is already possible. You can use conditional actions on the screen to redirect users to the login screen.


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