Preview does not start at home screen and starts on wrong page

Hello all, I have figured out another bug work around. If you try to use preview, and you are starting much further down the list in your pages, not at your home page, the fix is as follows:

In my case I was using preview, but for some reason it would start on page 15 of my app (out of 21) and not at the home screen. Thinking this was only in preview, I published my updated app to the store, only to find that the app only shows page 15!!! :scream: :scream:

With no apparent fix, I simply started deleted screens all the way back to the home screen, at which point preview correctly displayed my home screen start. Then using CTRL Z, I added all the pages back and the flow logic was intact still. This resolved the issue and I republished the app.

Edit* Here are the screen shots of this bug.

The last image is basically all the app would show after upload to the store, it was not just a bug in preview mode. As states, i deleted all the images until preview only had the home page to look for and then re added them back with CTRL - Z and preview started working only from the home screen once again.

Cheers :beers:

Hi @DeltaBravo,

Thanks for taking the time to explain this. I’ve never experienced or heard of this behavior before in the app, could you give some further details?

This seems to be more of a bug than a tutorial so I have changed the topic category.