Private App - any way to avoid Play? SDK for Google Workspace? Android-only native app

Does anyone know a process by which We can avoid using Play Store and instead use Google Workspace’s Private App functionality to publish and distribute an Android-native app?

My App is private, and will only be used by 10-15 users in my company. The PWA is working OK, but I want it to run native if possible. The PWA seems to have to re-load the whole app every time it’s opened, and when cell service is anything but full-blown 5G, it struggles.

Not only do I want to avoid the rigamarole of publishing to Play, but I also don’t want our app just out there for anyone to install.

Any advice for publishing private, internal business apps?

I did a simple Google search and found this: Publish private apps from the Play Console - Managed Google Play Help

And this is the Google search I made.

I hope that helps.

Hey thanks for this, I’ll read through as soon as I can. Hopefully there’s something there.

I was using the documentation/instructions I found inside my Google Workspace Admin Console - and I was dead-ending because it was requiring .APK file but Adalo built .AAB.

This looks like a different approach that I hadn’t found in my searches, and there’s even a note saying that.aab or .apk files work, so super!

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