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Is it possible to create multiple exclusive, invitation-only social networks? Basically, a single platform that is able to spin up a number of private communities. In theory, users would join the community they ‘reside’ in and get access to rewards from businesses surrounding that location as well as the main newsfeed. We have starting custom coding this but thought we’d run it by a no-code platform first.

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Hi @abp24,

From your post - I don’t see anything which could prevent from making such project on Adalo :slight_smile:

You’ll have to design and implement user roles & rights model, but this is all doable.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hey Victor - thanks for the feedback! This is great to hear. We will dive deeper into the platform and begin our MVP on Adalo since this now seems feasible. All the best!

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Hi @abp24

Thanks! Just in case - I have a YouTube channel, and there are some videos you might find useful.

In particular - Admin and User access
(you will understand how the user rights check can be implemented)
And customized password reset

(same logic could be implemented to invite users)


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