Problem restricting users without access code

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I am looking to create a page where users are required to provide the access code we send to their email. I am having issues creating a scenario where users with a correct access code are permitted to sign up or users with an incorrect code are sent to a different page informing them the code is incorrect.

Ideally, I would have pre-determined codes in a database and the text field input would recognize this. I have tried this idea as well as having the user’s submitted code create a new code in the database and only recognizing the code if it contains certain characters. The issue with this is that the submit button only brings them to the incorrect code page and not the page allowing them to access the app.

Has anyone found a solution to conditional reasoning?

We’re working on getting this up in our official help docs, but here’s the link to a tutorial on this. Adalo | Access/Company Code Tutorial


Thank you so much Ashley!

Hi @ashley,

Wonderful tutorial, very useful!

I’ve got one question: in the video you mention that it it better to use interim screen after login: “We can’t do conditional actions after login very well”.

May I ask you to explain a bit more?
I wonder, what are the recommendations of what to do and what is better NOT to do during login and sign-up routine? Where would you recommend to use interim screen? I’m working on the app with complex login & signup procedures, so would like to use the best practices.

Thank you very much!

From the actual submit button on the login or signup screen you can not use conditional actions. You will need those buttons to have the action of either signup or login user and then link to a new screen for all users. From that new screen (a blank screen if you want - with transitions none) you can then apply screen actions that have conditional actions.


Awesome tutorial. Thank you so much. Hadn’t even thought about adding company codes.

Thank you for this tutorial @ashley! Great speaking with you yesterday!

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