Problem with Apple admin user

Okey dokey,
with a bit of help from several users on here, I finally managed to get my app launched via App & Play stores. What an experience that was - Google a matter of hours, Apple took days :frowning:

Any way…

I’m an Android user, so got one of the clients to have a test run on their iPhone, as an admin pre-launch - everything went as it should.
Did the launch, and because of 1 thing and another the Apple user hadn’t used their app. Multiple weeks of the app lying dormant no seems that when they try to post a vacancy it doesn’t show in the app - whereas the Android user it shows.
The job vacancy is in the Adalo DB so I can see it from the backend, I can see it on multiple android devices (either admin or normal user) - so can’t quite work it out where to look to fix it.

Any suggestions are gratefully received.
Images - screen with jobs in Android, without is Apple - taken at the same time

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