Problem with Evets from FireBase


Why are not all visited screens transferred to Firebase statistics?

I have everything integrated, but I do not see visits to all screens.

I checked it myself and from several devices.

When I first start the application, the user goes through 7-8 screens at least, but I see only 5 events inside the analytics, while there are those that do not apply to my screens in the application.

For example “first_open” or “delete”

How can I see the statistics for all screens, they should all be automatically recorded?

screen from FireBase

I do not believe we track this in Firebase, you can set up Mixpanel through the integration or screen actions within your app and in a collection.

Not all events are logged indeed. Also only android events are showing up.

I’ve added a feature request to add more support on Firebase. Feel free to upvote it

I am not pleasantly surprised that such important and simple functions do not exist.

How can the application owner keep track of which screens the user is walking on?

If you enter data into a collection, then how can this data be transferred to firebase or to advertising accounts of Google or Facebook?

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