Problem with filters don't show te next product

I am currently developing an application on adalo and whose goal is to be able to offer information articles in the form of a list. the list is reduced to one result per page. I wish to allow the posting of the following article only after having read the first.
I used the following filter: current article - user who read / does not contain - lodged in user.
The read action works so the article is removed from the list but does not go to the next article.
I add property in the arcticle data (user who read )
When I test the article is well read when I validate the reading is therefore well removed from the list. but cannot display the next one.
Any idea or advice please.

If it is only one list of articles, you could have a ‘ArticleRead’ number field in User collection.
Each article is given an ‘ArticleIndex’ number, also serves as your filter and sort order for the articles list.
When an article is read, update the logged in user ‘ArticleRead=ArticleIndex’.

If multiple lists of articles then use a JOIN table to store which user has read which article in each list. Search the forum to learn about JOIN tables :+1:

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Thank you Roza
I will try like this.
I’ll get back to you to let you know if it’s ok.