Problem with multiple click actions

Is anyone else having an issue with having multiple click actions for a button? For example, on my send message button for my chat feature, I want to create a message as well as set a certain true or false field to true but it will only create the message and not set the true/false field to true.

Does anyone have a solution?

This bug has been fixed and you should be able to select the True option now. It was working previously, but the text wasn’t showing.

Hi Ashley - This is a different issue than the one I brought up early. That was when I was creating automatically set fields for a form. This is when I try to add a button and add multiple click actions to it, Adalo only complete 1 or 2 of those click actions regardless of whether it’s a true or false. So for example if I set a button to change a true and false field, add a message to the conversation and update another data collection, it wont do all of those actions.

Can you send a video over or DM/email the issue please?

Just sent you an email!

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