Process a form to Transfer to an IBAN Account

Hi everyone,
I am working on a project for a Classified-and-food-delivery app.

So i am wondering 1 :
Can I point a customer willing to publish a classified article to a final payment page pointing to a Payment through IBAN system transfer ?
(that would be in order for him to pay the classifed publishing)

and 2nd:
Is it possible to set up in the same App a similar feature so that when their customers would order their meals they are being pointed to each Foodtruck IBAN bank account number (or credit card account)…and not mine the Website owner.
…if that is not too complex or not legit.

thanks for any info,

ACH seems to be mostly for US$ payments mostly, not really the best for National deals within a Euro linked financial system.

*Within Sepa Countries IBAN to IBAN would most of the time cost no fees