Props type 'list' bug?


I create a props type list and my component receive undefined all the time :confused:

It’s a personal component and i create like in the docs the props type list but didnt work for me.

Maybe i dont understand something.

Here is my manifest.json :

I created a list :
“name”: “datesBooked”,
“displayName”: “Vetrinary dates booked”,
“type”: “list”

and in Adalo i choose the collection want to send to my component but it’s all the time ‘undefined’ when console.log the props…

I need to “Make a list” of my component with the collections want to have the props worked but it’s generate a component foreach element in my collections so it’s no what i want ^^

If someone can explain me how we send a list to my component ? :smiley:


Hi SunD,

Thanks for being patient with the component development process! There is definitely a learning curve with component development.
To see the list, you will have to run the component in “runtime” by pressing “Preview”. The list will have every property that you added the “role” and “reference” to.
I’m not entirely sure what you’re looking to do, can you explain a little more thoroughly what you’re trying to do?

Scott Massey
Software Engineer @Adalo

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It’s fixed :slight_smile:

The props lifecycle was undefined first time so all my function with .filter & .lenght crash ^^

That makes lots of sense. Your code should always be able to handle the list being undefined. See these standards:

Sorry if it was confusing to figure out! Glad it worked out though.

Thx for your help !

I didnt see this field of the docs so thank haha

So now i update the field in a record of my user logged in and i link to a screen after that and my field is not “dynamic”, the records have 1 path of delay between the update and the display of the record