Protected Files?

I am working on an app, where the entire app is locked behind a user/pass controlled by a collection. Inside of my app I have uploaded PDF files via the files functionality in a collection. The file is hosted on AWS and is a public link. Is there a way to make this uploaded file restricted within the app?

If not, is this was link ever going to be crawled and located by anyone?

one way is giving acces only to those logged users that have the right to access a Screen which displays a button to the downloadable file.
Without being logged I “believe” one still can have access to this file especialy with the Free Plan, but you’d have to ask the Team, and make a test accessing your URL such as ;“this is where my app is being hosted url”
(on the free plan there is no “real” protection after its being published)

I do have a paid plan. I have uploaded files into a collection that are linked from buttons to download. My issue is that I don’t want people to share the links with un-authorized users.

Understand, I would do the same :slightly_smiling_face:
if its goint to be accessible from the webrowser, you can easely test that I guess.
open another webrowser, ie ; firefox and copy past the complete Url of that screen from browser logged in to firefox, unlogged.
than check if firefox can display the screen or returns some “restricted page” mesage, that mean the page is really restricted.
As for Google, if it’s being “scanned” by google engine * and most public pdf are.
just google the name of your pdf files and see what comes up. It shouldnt be able to find it if the Adalo File (mostly folder) restriction is set properly.
I d be interested to know about your results
*they are more Tips to *skip page scanning from “search engines” but they might need to be configured for Adalo file system structures to succeed.

We don’t have the ability to “authorize” these links yet, but this is a great thing for