Pubilishing on App Store while having a domain in use

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I have developed an app which is currently be used by approx. 50 people from my comapny. These people are accesssing the app through a domain → their web-browser. Now, I am considering to publish my app to the app-Store to improve my customer experience. Therefore the following two questions arise:

  1. Will it still be possible to use the app through the domain (Webbrowser) once the app has been published?
  2. Will the publication of the app have any impacts on my current database?
  3. Is it mandatory to implement a “Data Privacy” page in order to be able to publish to the app store? What else do I need to consider before publishing?

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  1. Yes.
  2. No.
  3. Follow Adalo’s guide to publish the app.

thank you very much.

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