Published app adding extra information

Hello, I was wondering how we add extra information to a published app? Can we just add the information to the database inside adalo to add this? Or will we have to update the apps again thought the store.

If it’s data being created, updated or deleted in the database, this will be reflected immediately in the native app. If it’s UI related, you will need to update the app.

Hello, thank you for your fast response! That helps alot! And just another quick question, do you have any recommendations for a API to display flights? We are making out own travel app and we would like our customers to view the flights they have booked with us and hopefully receive alerts when flight into changes. Thanks again for all your help

The only flight related API I have previously used is Sky Scanner. Although it did work in the end, the experience itself of gaining access to the features of the API was quite difficult.

Hi Colin, thanks for getting back I’ve had a look at sky scanner. It’s not something we will be working with. We only want to display the users flight and not allow them to book flights. Thank you for your time and answers. Its been a big help!

Maybe give a try then.

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