Published app issue

Ive uploaded my app to the app store (Beat Broker). Inside the app a user has a profile and can upload mp3 files. I have it set so every time they upload a song it becomes a part of a list on their profile screen and can be played via an audio player component. I tested the functionality by making a list with multiple songs before I submitted the build and had no problem with this. Now on the live app when a user has multiple songs on their profile the songs don’t play. When pressing play on a song it plays a different song for about 1 second then jumps around from song to song and plays for 1 second again then stops working. A mp3 file will only play correctly if their profile has only one song uploaded. It is a IOS app and I’ve tested this on the app preview on my computer and app preview on my phone. It works fine but not on the live app. Please help.

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