Publishing next version of an App - Are Records safe?

Hi guys,
Few questions related to Publishing the Apk for Android
When one publishes a newer Apk version :

  • What happens to all the existing records in Adalo DB, are they safe or does one has to upload them all again ?

  • What happen to existing users of the App previous version :

  • Can one send a notification so as to ask them updating their version ?

  • can both the new and older version stiil work for users (while DB structure is valid for both version) ?

  • Would the Android Playstore keeps both Vesions online or auto replace the oldest one ?

Thanks for your great expertise… :sunglasses: :ok_hand:


Hi, have you manage to get any feedbacks in regards to your questions? Was wondering about the same thing.

  1. Your record would be safe
  2. With the previous version, nothing will happen unless you’ve change some of the critical relationship or some name on the database. If you only change something about visibility or styling the component, it won’t affect anything. Your previous version user will still can access the app with the oldest one.
  3. I don’t know how to do this and I don’t know that is this possible either.
  4. Same as my answer number 2
  5. If you publish it on the Production Release, then Android Playstore will replace the oldest one with the newer one. If you want both version online, maybe you can publish one on the Production Release and the other maybe on the Beta Release.

Thanks @projectlinuxsupports for all those details, i 'm not there yet… but it sounds quite good this way beside… :ok_hand: