Push notifications sent with huge delay

Hi, I’m experiencing a huge delay in push notifications being sent. Is there any limitations on this side? the first one is sent / received immediately, but the rest are not sent, or even if they do go through eventually, it is with a huge delay. Any thoughts / comments? Thanks

I’ve not experienced this before. I can only assume there might have been a buffer on these due to server load but if it persists please let me know.

Hi Colin, I’ve just tested again, the first attempt works great, afterwards none of the push notifications actually go through.

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You mentioned on slack that the delay occurs on a secondary device. Can you explain further what is the flow that you are doing here so I can try and reproduce it.

Sure Colin, so I have an app where users can upload items for swapping. When a user selects an item and send a swap request, the owner should receive a push for new request. When the owner accepts the swap, the requester should receive a push for request approved. They can also chat to put in place the details of the swap, so each new message one of them is sending, the other one should receive.

I’ve built the app, got the apk and installed on 2 physical devices, where I logged in with 2 different users, doing the above flows.

At this point the issue occurs, as sometimes the notifications are received, sometimes not. For instance the “new request” push is being received, but the request confirmed is not (on rare occasions it was received though). The “new message” notification occasionally is being received, although I wasn’t able to find a pattern, simply sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

So, as a conclusion, if you want to try reproducing this, just put the apk on 2 different physical devices and try doing actions that trigger notifications (especially the kind of “new message received” one, where the user should receive one for each new message in the conversation)


@Colin I did more testing and I figured out why sometimes the push is send and other times is not: if user A is sending user B a message, user B will receive the push. If user B will tap on the push and be redirected to the chat screen, and send a message, that will not trigger a push, and user A will not receive it. On the other hand, if user B would access the chat screen from the app (and not via the push) and sent the message, user A will get it.
So, if a user is being redirected to the chat screen via the push, whatever message will be send afterwards, the other user will not get it.

Later edit: Actually, only after each fresh startup of the app the push is send.

Great work with identifying that. I will also try to reproduce it from my end.

Do you have a video at all demonstrating this? It would help immensely for our dev team to understand it.

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