React component

i have an idea for a react component that allows the user to add an input field instead of having to create multiple screens to accomplish this event like i’ve done below

can this be made?

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That would be awesome!

same technique applies to multiple image upload as well, but till today no component available, but you can tweak adalo to do this with temp collection table,

Complab can probably make this @ez222dmtg1 ?

@Reyaas care to ellaborate?

Please view this video,

  1. create a temp collection,(eg Name, User)
  2. In screen add custom list, and assign this collection and filer by user, (many users will work, so data will be filtered only for this user)
  3. top add icon and in list add delete icon.
  4. If you want to update in to a real collection you can do it, I hope.

intriguing @Reyaas …are these multiple screens or is there a custom action attached to the list?

can you share that file as a clone?

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