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This just works in Egypt, where I am located, but just wanted to showcase this rental platform app, as I have spent a considerate amount of time on the UI aspect.

Let me know your feedback please. PWA for now, on the Appstore soon.

Looks incredible! I love how clean the design is and moving through the pages feels great and intuitive too.

Not sure if it’s a bug or not, but when I clicked “More” on the top of the homepage, it looks to pull up a map modal but it’s just a gray box. Possibly double-check your Google Maps API to make sure the proper APIs are activated (I ran into that problem before).

Also, on the property information pages, maybe Right Align the Size, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, etc results. On the right side they all align differently since they’re different lengths of text.

Again, wonderful job!

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Thank you for pointing those out. Will have them fixed today for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice app, yes :+1:t2:

What’s missing, but it’s not your fault, is an image carousel with several images. As there’s no carousel component available, maybe you could make on using a list and displaying only square images?

Also, not sure about what the star button is, in the home page?

The star but will be the “About us” page, still working on it.

I am waiting to release the app after the Image carousel feature is released.

OK, great :+1:t2:

I guess the carousel will be based on relationship between collection. So you can maybe try to create your own. For each item, you can establish a relationship with another collection, let’s say “additionalphotos”, and build a list of photo (2 or 3 in row)

But then how will the user scroll through them?

Cool App, I loved the Whatsapp link opening it directly ! Good job :ok_hand:

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Looks great! Care to share the app capabilities and functions by taking advantage of the new clone option offered by Adalo? I’m sure many people would be able to benefit from your great UI design and put their own twist on it. Thanks!

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Here is the clonable link.


Watch out AirBnb !!! :scream:
…here comes Shinnawy
:yum: :yum:

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Looks Awesome! Doesn’t seem to be clonable on my end however, let me know once it’s been adjusted! Also, have you considered entering the Adalo competition relating to clone kits? You should check it out.

Hi Brandon,

It is clonable (screens only) on my end. Not sure if this is a bug. Maybe check now?

Also, I have entered the UI part of the competition, thank you for the suggestion, it gives me confidence.

only screens will get cloned - not the data - normal behavior.

The app still not clonable .

Agree with @M.Mudathir, screens are not cloneable on my end. Nevertheless, good luck on the compeition!!

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Hey everyone. I’m looking into why this isn’t working for this users app.

Reporting back. The app preview is able to be cloned. If you hover next to where it says Share App your mouse will let you click. The Clone button is there. The clone button is currently based on your apps branding of primary color and background color. In this case they both happen to be white and therefore the button looks missing. We’ve added this to our list to update the color scheme for the button.


Thanks, I found myself on a brand new screen having to go down to some Text properties to first change the color from white to S/e …before being able to preview…and was wondering, why is that Text set as White on White from the start !!!

The reason why I made it white on white is that the logo would appear in white with a black background on the home screen icon. Didn’t know it would cause this much trouble :smile: