Redundant Access to Database

Basically, we need a separate way to access the database in cases where the Adalo Editor isn’t available, slow, or stuck on loading.

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So the easy way would be an Adalo admin app which allows you to view and edit all data.

I do this for customers where it doesn’t make sense to be logging into editor just to manage their app.

If you don’t want it inside Adalo you could make a bubble app or something else, and use the Adalo api to view and edit data.

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Thank you @theadaloguy . Yes, that’s the desirable scenario. But sometimes the database is so large that we can’t create backend functionality for everything, especially now when we are rolling out a lot of updates.

So an example would be when we need to troubleshoot, the fastest way to respond at this stage is to check raw data and go through the Editor > Database section.

If this is a serious concern, first you could read/write to an external DB.

Or in general, you could just move to external collections.