Registering Students and Parents

I’m working on a student management app. Parents need to be able to log in and view the records for their kids. So I included a “Guardian” user type. Students do not need to log in so I created a separate collection for them.

The problem I am having is creating a form that lets the admin register a student and either create a guardian account (if one does not already exist) or associate the student with a guardian account (if it already exists). I figure this can be done with an email field in the student registration form but I can’t seem to add one. Any ideas?

Create a relationship on database between guardians and students.

Let the guardians create their own account, and then let admin associate it with a student.

On admin panel have a list of guardians that admin can search through, click on the guardian in the list and admin then gets directed to a new page which has a list of students. Then make the click action on the student to create the relationship between current guardian and current student. Assuming the admin is sometimes going to make a mistake, have two buttons on the list of students. One to add the student and one to remove the student from the relationship with the guardian.

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