Revised pricing plans pt 2

We’ve all been making some pertinent points on the new pricing. There has been some anger, and some comments that may flout forum rules, so anybody posting in this thread please stay on track, polite, constructive etc…

I don’t like the way threads are being locked.
266 is the number of posts from all of David’s threads. So it’s right up there with performance upgrades in terms of importance of discussion within the community… hence there is no other hotter thread right now. I see no need to lock it other than attempt to control.

Personally I have tried helping a few other users on the forums with their app issues aswell as making my points re: pricing.

As you say in your closing thread David, I’m sure this won’t be the last time to talk about it, so why close the thread? Let’s keep iterating and evolving openly. Answer some direct points when you get a chance.

Does anybody else in the community have anything to add? Politely please. If you’re leaving Adalo, no need to flame, make your point in a decent manner, that will do more good than closing a thread. :grinning:

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Hey there, @Rozza!

If you would like to continue discussing Adalo’s pricing, you can go ahead and book some time on David’s calendar that he opened up specifically for that reason!

We love to hear the feedback but there is also a point where we need to move forward so we can continue improving the product, our support processes, and this community.

Thank you for understand :slight_smile: