Says data is available, but isn't!

This is a weird one!

I want to connect a license to a ship. Simple task, update the selected license with the current ship.

How does the workflow go?

First a users click on a button in a list of ships (This means Current ship is available) Awesome!

Then the user goes on to select a License he wants to use for this ship, which means Current License should be available too. (It is as you can see in the image)

Now I go to the Confirm screen (Which means I update the license with the current ship)

Great! It should work now!

Wellll it doesn’t. Sooo I checked the page to see if the data really is available, and yes it is!

Well, it doesn’t work. It updates the license, but doesn’t add the ship to it.

The result is an updated license, but with an empty ship field! and the field Shipname & EUNR is also empty

Update, this does work:

Why does this work and the other thing not?

NVM, it works for one, doens’t work for the other. It updates it, but doesn’t add the relationship

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