Scaling Up: Prioritizing Performance on Adalo

That they did. I was just hoping that more features would be live by now, like the ones mentioned in previous updates in Oct and Dec 2020 like servers in Asia, lists being computed on servers, etc.

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Yep. Totally disappointed in what is delivered now.

Adalo committed in Q4 that Region-based sharding is the top priority task which is getting addressed in Q1. But no news about that.

And we already have the roadmap info published and what is in pipeline for everything including performance-related items. With this available, I am not sure about the need for a dedicated performance page. Looks like More talking, Less Work :frowning_face:


I am Totally Disappointed …
the newPerformance update is just a new page on Adalo’s Website called: Performance :frowning: .

IMO, the most impactful changes are listed as Investigative Stage or on the backlog. Doesn’t look like performance is getting better anytime soon.

I wouldn’t be completely disappointed, because right now, at least their focus is fully on performance. They even mentioned that there are some important features on the pipeline (such as object states), but those will not be released now, because their development team is focusing only on app performance.

Their dev team is 6 people and they’re going to increase their team by 3 times by the end of this year, so I know it’s a tough challenge.

Personally, I’m worried that I won’t be able to launch my apps anytime soon because of these performance issues. But I’m at least hoping that these issues get mostly addressed by Q2 of this year, at least the ones which are preventing us from launching commercially like slow loading time.

I’ve worked on a couple of other no-code app services (like Coda, Glide, etc), and even after 2+ years they’re still struggling with performance or they’re only addressing it now. At least Adalo is going all in on performance now. I just hope that once this has all been done, the apps will be super blazingly fast to use. And once this has been dealt with, I sure don’t want to do the same song and dance again, one where we launched some apps and then had to cancel them due to performance.


I agree that yes to me it also feels like more talk, less work (on the side of performance at least). But like David mentioned in their recent update, they had to get stability issues out of the way. Now that those are finally out of the way, I just hope there’s more work on performance now.


To restore the balance in the universe, it is worth mentioning the tangible performance improvements with internal collections. Although the results are not consistent yet compared to other backends, most of the response times remain under 300ms! :drooling_face:

I have been using Postman on my computer to perform these tests now and also in the past. A couple of months ago these numbers were 700ms+, now they are more than halved. I believe when the consistency improves (get rid of occasional 2000ms+ response times), the user experience improves.

Somewhere I have read that consistency in the UI outweighs performance. Often, in UI there are fake progress bars or spinners to achieve more consistent responsiveness. For example, if a login process takes 4 seconds one day and 200ms the other day, a user would rather experience a consistent, 1 second login delay. Obviously, a consistent, 4 second response, would not justify itself nowadays :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents to balance my former critique.



Am wondering if Adalo users in Europe have seen any improvements in performance since the last 2 listed/announced performance updates on the dedicated page.

Am uncertain where Adalo is hosting (region) but most of the horror stories seem to be coming from South East Asia.

Is performance better for anyone in Europe, or the US?

Hi Hani. In my view, performance in Europe has improved. The Adalo is on Heroku, in the US East Coast, at least from what I’ve seen so far. This is even more important if you are using external collections. If you use external collections, try to place the data (if you have this control) as close as possible to US East Coast. Currently, the external collections are proxied through Adalo. I was able to improve my performance by 50% by moving my External Database (and its Rest API) super close to Adalo. The response times dropped from 800ms to around 350ms. Before I realized this, my API requests from the app went from Europe->US(Adalo)->Europe(Custom Backend)->US(Adalo)->Europe… In that case, even pigeons were overtaking the data, so I decided to move my custom backend to US East Coast for the time being while I am working on the app :slight_smile:


@miro thanks for sharing. That’s an interesting approach. It’s a pity to have to go through all these hooks just to improve performance. Especially so if one has to move the backend to the US for EU-regulated stuff or clients who insist on hosting within the EU.

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I just started a project with Directus on a Digital Ocean droplet set to the NYC3 region. Getting great response time between my droplet and Adalo. Really great, almost real-time, compared to 700 to 900 ms I was getting from my external collections located in Google Cloud VM in Brazil. So you are definitely right! But I will have to wait until the external user collection arrives at the external user login beta program. This is probably my dream stack, using a powerful node headless like Directus as my backend and Adalo for the mobile native front end. We are getting there!


Glad to hear that! I am on NYC1 on DO :sunglasses:

Man, I wish I could do this with Airtable. We already manage most of our company processes in Airtable, so moving it to another platform where I can set the server region isn’t possible for us now. If Adalo would’ve been faster with Airtable (at least in SE Asia) it would’ve been a dream come true. Right now my apps are extremely slow, buggy and unresponsive :frowning:

Thought this might be of interest to everyone here including @Kaigal, @miro, @HANI, @KenanDada, and @Yongki.

Two performance updates were shared in April in this page, and I’m excited by their progress + waiting for more by the end of May: Adalo’s Performance Updates

This is an encouraging trend, and while you’re visiting the page, would request that you put in your own request at the bottom of the page. I have sent in requests for these just in hopes that they will get prioritized.

  • faster speed with external collections (e.g. maybe by avoiding proxies through Adalo’s database like Miro mentioned earlier)
  • better app load times and responsiveness in South-East Asia (e.g. maybe through regional servers),


Hi Addy Ewin, (and everyone who is doing the weekly requests)

Personally, I do not think that this request every week thing is a good idea for 2 reasons. :slight_smile: (Submitting DIFFERENT requests every week is fine.)

  1. The team will think this is spam if you are sending in the same exact request every week and will likely fill up the inbox for the feature speed thing, also if you do it every week it will get so full that you can’t send anything else because webflow has a limit of forms submit depending on the plan.

  2. Following up on point #1, since this is considered spam you will likely get banned from the forum/Adalo account.

Keep in mind, this is just my personal opinion, so you could do whatever you want but I don’t consider doing it, someone got banned from the forum because of spamming earlier this week.


You’re right, I’ve edited my post. Thanks for pointing it out

No problem! I just don’t want anyone getting banned from the forum. :slight_smile:

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Loading User Data Faster in Apps With Lots of Data :

Looks like Index creation is happening now on large collections when newly created. How about the old collections having thousands of data? Index creation has happened already for these collections??

Looks like Index creation is happening now on large collections when newly created. How about the old collections having thousands of data? Index creation has happened already for these collections??

Yes :slight_smile:

This didn’t happen for all apps but it has been manually done for all the biggest apps in Adalo. Kaigal included.


That’s Awesome. Definitely bright days ahead. Looking forward to many more improvements.

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