Scaling Up: Prioritizing Performance on Adalo

oh I see, anyway best of luck my dear

we are all hoping and waiting for a change :yawning_face:

Some while ago I read a post from the owners talking about something like ( the app performs better if the data is bigger) the servers gives priority to the larger apps automatically.
Just to keep in mind.

That’s true. Originally, the app was two webviews and an IAP process.
No registration required, no records.

Now that it has been built out as an app that requires registration, account pages, etc.
It’s a much bigger app.

I was shocked and surprised when I discovered conditional visibility, conditional filtered lists - the things that make an app run - are what made the app slow.

So yes. 7 user records (with linked out tables for those account record growth being possible, but not even created yet) - created a stalled experience.

It coincided with what appeared to be multiple Adalo downtime issues.

Not exactly a great experience.

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