Scheduled Notification by groups

I have read and watch the tutorial on Scheduled Notifications. Instead of having the notifications being sent out by individual recipients, I would like to have it as groups. I have used created a collection called notification subgroups and have groups titles within it where in the settings users are able to select which group they would like to receive notifications about…

In my form for creating/sending new scheduled notification:

  1. Assuming that I should add a relationship in my scheduled notification collection to my notification subgroups, what type of relationship should it be? (I thought, " A Scheduled Notification can have multiple Notification Subscription Groups A Notification Subscription Group can have multiple Scheduled Notifications"

  2. When choosing that type of relationship and adding it to my form for when creating a new schedule notification, it doesnt show as an option to to add to my form.

  3. I would then think I should choose the relationship type, " A Notification Subscription Group can have multiple Scheduled Notifications A Scheduled Notification belongs to one Notification Subscription Group"
    …but if I go this route, I am unable to choose more than one subgroup at a time and sometimes having that option is needed when sending to multiple subgroups.

My overall question is how do I add groups as recipients of scheduled notification?

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I think the best way to think about this is that a group is just a collection of users.

So you would still be sending notifications to individual users but on a larger scale that is determined by the data from another collection.

This is quite an advanced setup. I would encourage you to perhaps hire an Adalo Expert to assist in creating this or coaching on how to create it.

Ok. I have the groups set as suggested by an Expert… I am just looking for the next steps that would enable the admin to select which groups to send to… Any documentation or tutorial already available would be great. If not, I will reach out to an Adalo Expert.

There are no tutorials specific to this as it is quite a unique case. Perhaps @prakharm8 or @Victor would make a tutorial for this as they are both very proficient in creating tutorials for Adalo.


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