Security Deposit

I am trying to ensure a buyer receives their security deposit back after a duration of service is completed by the seller. I’ve created the button that declares a completion of service but I am having trouble determining where to start in regard to the returns of the security deposit. Would I have to initiate another purchase of some sort? Thanks in advance for any help or insight!

Hey @adalouser500. Could you give some further indication to how you want the process to work so I can best suggest how to go about it

I am trying to mimmic airbnb’s negotiation process. I was able to establish seller control of payment authorization/confirmation for the buyer thanks to your help!

When a buyer is charged I want to charge the cost of product in addition to a security deposit. I’ve done this already by setting up a “PRICE” and “SECURITY DEPOSIT” as number properties, but I want to be able to return the security deposit after the duration of use for a product is completed. I want the seller to be able to grant access to the security deposit return or file an issue,in which case a site admin would confirm or deny the security deposit return.

I’ve set up a “return application” after the duration of use is completed for the buyer that works as a review process. I’m working on the seller’s confirmation of return after reviewing the buyer’s return application;this is where I’d like to initiate the return of the security deposit.

I have yet to set up a user process for an admin/moderator so right now I’m just concerned with setting up another “confirm return” button that would allow for the automatic return of the “security deposit” to the buyer.

Thanks so much for the prompt responses!

Hmm ok I think I understand now. This is a bit tricky to do though as it would require some cusotm actions setup with the Stripe API. It’s not an API I am too familiar with myself so I cannot provide any answer to you.

It sounds like what you would be looking for is a way to retrieve a payment that is on “hold” (deposit) and initiate a refund of that payment.

Yes that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. The security deposit amount would be put on hold until the duration of service between the seller and buyer is completed.

A work around from using an admin/moderator as mentioned in the previous post would be for the seller to have complete control security deposit.

Do you think its possible to create another stripe payment button that would return security deposit amount or do you think that would be too messy?

I’m not sure if it would be too messy but at the moment I would say it is the only way to do it and to give it a try and see how it works :slight_smile:

So far it doesn’t look messy at all. I have one issue now that i did barely bring up earlier.

Through the website so far every user can be both a seller or a buyer. I want to establish the ability for select users aka “admin/moderator” to receive issued reports by a seller and confirm or deny their request. I’m having trouble assigning a moderator role to user accounts.

So far I’ve set a true/false property and labeled it Moderator status and set up visibility for a button that allows access to a moderator inbox for users with this status.

I want to use the user accounts with “admin/moderator status” as a holding account for security deposits using their stripe ID’s when reports are issued by a seller.

I want the moderator to then confirm or deny the security deposit amount. If confirmed I wanted the security deposit to go back to the seller. If denied I wanted the security deposit returned to the buyer.

Because the user with Moderator status isn’t connected to the transaction initially I can’t input a user with moderator status to receive the payment. I’m sure there’s a way to do this I’m just having problems finding out how.

Thanks again for any help! I’m working hard to show the community what I’ve been working on!

By the sounds of it, you could add a new relational property to the transaction for “moderators”. That will connect a moderator to a transaction and you can filter them in that regard.

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