Seeking help with implementing client trips input and viewing recent lodgements

Hey folks,

I’m currently building my first app in Adalo for managing end-of-shift reports for taxi drivers, and I need some guidance on two key features: handling client trips and viewing recent lodgements.


  • The app is designed for taxi drivers to log their end-of-shift details, including total EFTPOS, 13Cabs Account Jobs, and Total Dockets.
  • We also need to capture details for specific clients (BigCab Accounts) who have fixed trip costs. Drivers need to log the number of trips for each client daily.

Feature 1: Client Trips I need help setting up a user-friendly input method for client trips on the lodgement page. The requirements are:

  1. Drivers should be able to start typing a client’s name, and the field should auto-suggest from a pre-entered list of client names (BigCab Accounts).
  2. Drivers should then enter the number of trips for that client.
  3. The app should display the entered clients and trip counts before final submission.
  4. Each client’s trip cost should be calculated automatically based on the pre-defined cost and shown in the shift report.

I’ve created a “BigCab Accounts” collection with client names and trip costs. I’m struggling to integrate this with the shift report form to allow seamless entry and calculation. Any detailed steps or advice on setting this up would be greatly appreciated.

Feature 2: Viewing Recent Lodgements I also need to implement a feature where:

  1. Drivers can view their recent lodgements for up to one month.
  2. Each week, the oldest week (starting from the 4th week back) should disappear for drivers, but remain accessible to the admin.
  3. Drivers should be able to edit their entries during the week (until Sunday 11:59 PM), after which only the admin can make changes.
  4. Notifications should be sent to drivers when an admin edits their entries.

I’ve set up a “Shift Reports” collection with fields for the necessary data, but I’m having difficulty implementing the date filtering and editing restrictions. Detailed guidance on how to achieve this in Adalo would be very helpful.

App Overview:

  1. Sign-Up Page: Includes Vehicle ID, Password, Confirm Password, Email for recovery.
  2. Home Page: Three sections - Lodge End of Shift, View Recent Lodgements, Settings (Change Password, Change Recovery Email).
  3. Lodge End of Shift Page: Fields for today’s total EFTPOS, 13Cabs Account Jobs, Total Dockets, and BigCab Accounts (client trips and trip counts).
  4. Admin Access: Ability to see and edit all entries, view totals, and export data to an Excel sheet.

Thank you in advance for any help or advice you can provide! Also please let me know if you hav any questions too!!

Thanks heaps!

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