Send delayed notification to user

I want to build functionality where if a user enters a flow but does not finish it correctly (often because they close the app) that a notification is sent after a set period of time after starting the flow telling them that they need to open the app and finish it. How can I do this?

Hi Yan @ybierens,

One of the ways to do it is to create a Make scenario which sends such notifications.
Let’s assume you have “Flows” collection, where you store the information about each user executing a flow.
You will need to have a properties in this collection:

  • user email (this is used to optimise number of modules in Make scenario)
  • datetime “flowstart” - start of the flow
  • true/false property “reminder sent” (set to false by default).

So, in Make you create the following scenario:

  • Adalo List Flows
  • then a filter: Flow → flowstart is earlier than adddays(now,-1) - you might need to experiment here a bit
  • and “reminder sent” is false
  • next module will be HTTP module to send a Push notification via Adalo Push API. This is where you will use user email from Flows as a recipient
  • and final one will be to update Adalo List Flow, record ID is taken from 1st module, and the update itself should set “reminder sent” to True.

Then you enable this scenario to run every day at a certain time (for example).

What it will do:

  • every day it will list all flows
  • who will pass the filter: only the flows for which the reminder isn’t sent AND that are older than 1 day
  • for every flow which passes this filter:
    – the scenario will send Push notification to the email taken from the current flow
    – and update the flow to set “reminder sent” to True, so that user won’t receive the notification for the second time.

Of course this is a very simple scenario and it could be enhanced. E.g. you can send email instead of Push, etc. Also for large number of flows (>1000) you will need to adjust it and replace List Records with a Adalo filtered API call.

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you for you reply! I want to build it that if a user starts a flow in the app but does not finish it in 10 minutes, it will send a push notification. Is this possible? Or would I have to build it that every minute the job runs that checks if there are any unfinished flows that are more than 10 minutes old?

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