Set numerical ranges for properties

Hi, I am building the DB, and I am stuck with this topic:

I need to create a property that holds numerical ranges.

Every boat has a category that gives a navigation area limit.

I have the following categories (among others):


Boat category (A, B, C…)

Navigation Area (miles).

Cat A >= 0 miles (no limits)

Cat B > 0 && <= 60 miles (within 60 miles)

Cat C > 0 && <= 25 miles (within 25 miles)

…and so on

How can I set numerical ranges for the navigation area?

I need these ranges, because based on them the equipment on board change.

Hi @peter34 ,

I made an example app regarding this,

Feel free to edit the category range and assign boat’s range.

Hi @Yongki, thanks for your reply.
So I can do the following:

Name Doc1 Doc2 Image Ecc…
Name Range 1 Range2
A 0 99999
B 0 60
C 0 12
D 0 2
Name Range 1 Range 2
1 0 99999
2 0 60
3 0 25
4 0 12
5 0 5
6 0 2
7 0 1

Boat / Cat => many to one (1 cat for each boat)
Cat / Nav area => many to many

Now, I want the user to be able to pick a CAT only from those values. I don’t want he/she be able to change CAT and NAV AREA.
In general, how we can make a collection with data already set up where the user can choose from?

I made some improvements.

Not sure about why Category and Nav Area need relationship, I think they just provide boundaries.