Set Zodiac Sign based on Birthdate

Hi, everyone!
Is it possible to set a zodiac sign to a user based on the birthdate he picks?

So I have a signup form with the date picker that updates user on submit.
Created collection ZodiacSigns with Name, Image, and one (sign) to many (users) relation.
Is there a way to solve my problem?

I`m new to Adalo, but loving it already :blush:
My logic was to create records in ZodiacSigns collection and update users based on the Birthdate condition. Two days and a couple of google+youtube searches still can’t figure it out :face_with_head_bandage:

Hi @Alexgas,

I guess the simplest way would be to use API like this to get the Zodiac sign.

I can imagine that month and day could be extracted from the date of birth in Adalo (internal calculations or Integromat), and then you can compare it with Zodiac signs table and assign the correct sign… but as for me API is much simpler :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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