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I am enjoying developing on the platform so far. One thing I’d like to do is be able to “temporarily” set variable values based on a guest user’s selection - the user’s selection (say in a list) would set the variable (to an accepted/valid value) and then the correct information would be displayed based on the selection. The app needs to have this feature in some fashion as there needs to be an option to stay anonymous and not have a profile.

Around 50% of the target users will want to remain guest users, and the other 50% will be signing up and having an actual profile to have the values already set as a logged in user and I’ve got that going well. I just can’t figure out how to pull data from the database based on a guest user’s selection/input, and only have it be temporary and/or reset… What I don’t want is a bunch of users in the database that are all “guest”.

If you need a better explanation of anything i’d be happy to provide it.

Thank You,

Hi @joshua.ots,

If you’re not willing to implement Guest User functionality (e.g. register the user automatically upon app opening), then you can use Local Storage component made by Pragmaflow (@Mitch-Pragmaflow @TKOTC ):

There is an installation server here: PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit

Please keep in mind this component works a bit differently from a DB requests: first you put a value to a local storage using it (“Read/Write” mode), and on some other screen you can get this value (“Read” mode), and use it somehow by adding an action on value read.
So if you’d like to store a lot of values - you will need a lot of components :slight_smile:

Hopefully Steven and Mitch will correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:


Hi Victor,

That’s intriguing.

I’ve got it setup on my account. Hoping for an assist. I have a list of options presented as images in a grid. The user selects one of those options. The idea would be the selection sets the key value, and would also trigger a link to a screen that would read the value and display data based on that value. It’s a list of 6 options, and it is the single key.


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