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I would like to show a ‘tip of the day’ on my homescreen. Possibly a list, where it picks a tip from the database (60+ items) based on the day of the month? Or random somehow?
Does anyone know how this can be achieved?

So far I used the ‘datepicker’ element, added a date column with a date added to every items and show the tip matching the date… but I would need te manually edit past dates all the time…

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There is a component in the marketplace that does just this.

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I’m aware of the component, but it requires a action (button press) from the user as far as I know? And it links you rather then display something?
I would like a daily tip to be visible in a screen as you log in.

@WesselP You can try doing this with a lottiefiles animation.


  1. On login - bring the user to lottiefiles interim screen and put a rand(1,60) formula at the end of the animation
  2. Home screen - after the animation, show the list of “Tip of the Day” filter by the number of the Tip = Rand(1,60)

This will always show only 1 item from the list as it is filtered already.

Edit: to make the upper limit dynamic as you add more tips, maybe you can try Rand(1, countof(tips))

Hope this helps.

Thanks! Will give that a try :slight_smile:

Found a other, more easy way! Thanks to:

Done it this way:

  • User comes to homescreen: ‘current date’ (start of the day) + ‘random number’ (1,60) added to two properties of user, IF ‘current date’ = before start of the day (today)
  • Tip of the day (list containing 1 item) shows item matching the random number

So the next day a user comes to homescreen, date + number, and so tip of the day, is changed (and on the same day reloads change nothing) :slight_smile:

EDIT: whoops, seems to have two accounts on this forum :thinking:

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