Showcasing the ProU Sports App! 1,000 downloads in 60 days

Hello Adalo Community!
I’d love to introduce you to our ProU Sports app, fully built inside Adalo and live in both app stores.
Below is a pile of lessons learned, development tricks, and user growth strategies!

What is ProU?
Our platform connects College Football Fans to Professional Sports through unique player libraries, breaking news and even gamification components. We have over 350 colleges and 4,500 NFL players baked into the app experience.

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We encourage you to download!
Our app is FREE and I encourage you to install and poke around to see how we’ve done some pretty robust things in Adalo (see below for more details).




Let’s talk about my Adalo experience

  • Development Speed. I started my build in January and launched our beta to both app stores by March 31.
    Incredible app development can be done quickly on this app! This is by far my favorite aspect of using Adalo! I put roughly 200 hours of actual Adalo development into the first build. Just me. Which helped my runway tremendously.

  • *Speaking of speed, we’ve done over a dozen small updates, and one massive update since 3.31 and that ability to rapidly improve our product has been the main reason we’ve been able to maintain a 4.9 star review average on the app stores.

  • It doesn’t have everything. Not every feature that was in my dreams/wireframes is able to be built on Adalo. BUT THAT’S OKAY! It’s an MVP for a reason, to establish early traction in order to get critical feedback on your pursuit of product-market fit. You have to get crafty, break the thing, learn what to do and what not to do (endless lists, robust actions, etc. A great example is, I love tabs. I just do. When I rolled up into Adalo and didn’t see any option for that, I wasn’t discouraged, I just found a different solution - modals. Modals are everything! In the end, I was able to accelerate what would be a year’s journey of getting to 1,000 users… into under 4 months. It’s all a compromise, and I’m in love with where we’re at!

  • Growing pains - We’ve all had them using Adalo. I’ve sent endless support tickets with critical issues for the performance of my app, but guess what… This is a good problem to have! We all should want growing pains, because that means your growing, you’re getting traction, users, etc. Adalo is operating at warp speed if you look at it. They’ve pivoted their roadmap based off of our voices, they’re growing 3X in employees (which is hard to do and takes time for HR to do it’s thing!). So I encourage you to be polite, encourage their team, and to enjoy the ride as they pursue being #1 in this incredible market opportunity.

:warning: While I have you!
We just launched ProU Sports on Product Hunt today! It’d mean the world for us for you to go over and check it out, maybe punch that upvote button if you like our app!
ProU Sports - Connecting college fans to professional sports | Product Hunt

Some really cool Adalo tricks I’ve learned:

  • If you’re in Airtable, be cautious of their 5/second limits. I decided to use integromat to sync any player updates over to the internal Adalo collections. While this wouldn’t work for apps needing instantanious calls, as this method is more of a cached experience, I found the value of internal collections to be huge for us to build fast and not be bogged down by trying to figure out relationships with internal and external collections.

  • Be extremely thoughtful on your users who are on older builds. Don’t remove collections that are critical components to older versions as user updates take a long time! Here are two really cool tricks I built into ProU to convince users to update:

  1. Have your home screen menu be a collection and list! This way if you ever have a new feature, you can point them to a “Update your app!” warning page, and you can easily sunset old features as well! Here’s what mine looks like. What you’re seeing is if our most recent update included the Fan Club Podcast feature, ALL users would see that feature option, but would be redirected to an update warning if they’re on an old version! Super cool! But I may just be a nerd. (24)

Example of how this is done using “Sometimes” and link ids.

  1. Traditional communication! Get Mailchimp or whatever integrated into new user signups and talk to your users! Let them know about your updates and hype up your new features that are rolling out! another shameless plug to download our app so you can see our sign-up campaign!

_ _

I’ll share some cool user growth that got us to 1,000 downloads in 60 days in the comments, but for now, Download our app!

Quick shoutout to these incredible people who’ve supported or guided our build along the way - @pfordmedia, @ben1, @James_App_Maker, @Colin

Thanks for the read,


Great app you built Thomas! :partying_face:

The YT video on Product Hunt is amazing!

Good luck!


Oh yeah! I forgot to include that promo video!
I actually made that myself since I came from a content creation background, so thank you so much for the kind words.

Video -


Hi @ProU ,

Congratulations !

This is showing that making it right can bring some result.

Persistent will help, some reasoning can help too, but moving up is what really matters.

And thank you too for giving us some advice which will motivate us even more. :grinning:

Very cool app @ProU, congrats!
And thanks for the tips!

Quick question: do you notice any difference in performance between the iOS and the Android version?

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