Showing what type of sentence it is

Hello, i am trying to show users what type of sentence it is depending on what they input into the text boxes
I have added the arabic words and their translations into the database. One is called khabr arabic, the other is mubthada arabic with its translations

What i am trying to do is that when i enter the arabic words into the two text boxes, it will translate the sentence which i have managed to do, but then should display the type of sentence it is

So the idea is that i will enter a khabr arabic into one text box, and a mubthada arabic into the other text box. If that happens the word ‘jumla ismiya’ should appear. Currently this only works if both arabic words are from the same record. If you see the translation, it comes up as ‘The house is house’

What i am trying to do is to enter the words from two different records like the image below, so the translation now is ‘The house is big’ but when i do that the word ‘jumla ismiya’ doesnt appear because the words inputted are from two different records.

How do i do this?

Thank you

How did you configure Jumla Ismeyh? Add a screen shot for the visibility configuration

Also I believe you only need to relay on the first word like البيت to know it is Jumla Ismeyh, no need to check on the second word Khabar, right?

I made the text a list and said to only show the list if mubthada arabic is equal to the ‘mubthada’ text box ‘and’ khabr arabic is equal to ‘khabr’ textbox. And then if that is the case, it will display input 2 which the textbox that contains jumla ismiya.

I think the way i made the condition for the list, it is only looking for the both word on the same record, but i dont know how to change it to look for word from the entire database instead.

For you second question, yes it needs to look for both mubthada and khabr as there are 3 different types of sentences with 3 different combinations

you need to split the logic to achieve this

for example
you can make 2 hidden parameters, 1 for the number of records in wordcollection where Mubtada equal the first text box
and another one for number of records in wordcollection where Khabar equal the second text box

and make the input “Jumla Ismiha” to be visible based on the required cases from those 2 parameters
so when param1 = 1 and param2 = 1 then show the input “Jumla Ismiha”
on other cases check the same as well

Okay i think i understand. I will try to do that. If not i might need a cloneable app if i cant achieve it.

Thank you

Would i still make the ‘jumla ismiya’ text a list?

And in terms of visibility, you can only add one condition.

no need for a list

for visibility, add one condition, then make the component as group (just a fake grouping) and add the other visibility condition on the group

Im sorry to bother you again, but i cant do the two logics with the two parameters. And where you said is param1 =1 and param2=1 then show jumla.

I dont know how to do that. Could you maybe break it down for me a bit more?

Thank you

no worries, here you go

Thanks a milion!! It works!

Got one more question.

You know ive got two inputs to create the translation of the sentence, would it work using only one text box?

Good for you :+1:t2:

No it cannot be done with the same way using Adalo only, if you come up with totally different logic then maybe, or you can use some external service to split the sentence like abracadalo, zapier or

Okay thank you

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