Slider does not send data to collection

I have a problem with the slider.
I use it on two screens. On the first - the data is correctly saved to the database. But on the second screen data does not saved.

I’m making a food diary app.

The algorithm is next:

The user creates a diary entry - he chooses type of meal (brakfast, lunch, dinner…), then he choose level of hunrger at the begining (Hungry_level_start) and at the end of the meal (Hungry_level_end).
For the level of hunger I want to use a slider.

If I use just two screen with the sliders - everything is fine.
But I also need the users to take a photos of their food. For this createв a records in the Diary_records collection. It`s related to the Diaries collection (A Diary can have multiple Diary_records. A Diary_record belongs to one Diary).
And after creating Diary_records, when the user pick a hunger level, the slider does not save the data.

What could be the problem?

Thanks for any ideas!

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