[SOLVED] Can the in-app purchase button be customized at all?

Hello Adalo community!

I’ve been trying to customize the in-app purchase button so it matches the rest of the UI but the resulting button is completely misaligned both in size and layout–see screenshots below.

Has anyone been successful at customizing the in-app purchase button?
And has anyone any ideas about what should I do to fix this?

Thank you!
Buttons in the Adalo UI correctly aligned:
Adalo UI

Buttons in the Adalo Preview misaligned:
Adalo preview


Unfortunately this is just one of those things you have to tinker with until you get it right.

You can try to use transparent objects to align everything and or groups.

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Thank you Bobby!
Do you have an example I could see? I think I’ve tried every possible hacks I can think of :joy:

Oh, I think I figured it out!
Thank you for your hint, Bobby! :clap:

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