SOS: Trying to keep a cumulative value for each user based on slider use. Am I crazy?

Hello! Adalo is pretty nifty so far, but I am running into a big wall and don’t know if I’m just missing something, or if it is more difficult/impossible than I anticipated.

I am trying to create a series of sliders that take user input and add them to a cumulative value in their “profile”. I am also hoping to connect those sliders to various text labels to indicate states based on the slider value.

Nonsensical Example: Imagine I had a slider that said “How much like a Panda are you today?” and you slide the slider to indicate various increments from “Not Panda-Like at all” all the way to “Full Panda” with images that change as you slide. I would want to track your ‘Panda-ness’ over various sessions. So I would want each user to have a “Panda-ness” Value that updates cumulatively based on each discreet input. Is this possible? If so, how!

Helppppp! Thanks!

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