Status Homework

Hello Adalo Fam.

Would you like to know if there is an option to automatically change the Status of a Task?

We are an application to organize the areas and tasks of the home, in which the tasks handle 3 Status which are: Done, To be done and Overdue.

When we create a task, this Form has a field of “Last accomplishment” and its “Recurrence” that is, if I create a Task that will be called BARRER and I put that its last time it was carried out was yesterday, May 4, and in its recurrence I put that I want it to be carried out every 2 days, the date of next completion of the task is May 6 (this formula if I have it programmed correctly and if it automatically places the correct date of the next completion). The problem is that when the task is created, an automatic STATUS should be assigned which is defined as follows:

<> Major, Minor

Today <Date of next completion = Status Done

Today = Date of next completion = Status To be done

Today> Next completion date = Overdue

Once this Task has been created and its Status has been automatically assigned, is there a possibility that this Status will be updated repeatedly?

Let’s go back to the Task exercise called BARRER.

If the date of the last completion was May 4, and in its recurrence it was set to be carried out every 2 days, the next date of completion of the task is May 6, so when it was created, a Done Status was placed. because the Date of today May 5 is Greater than the Date of Next Realization. But that happens when the task is created. So if the task is already created and tomorrow, which is May 6, and I do not mark the task as done because I did NOT do it, on May 7 it should change to Delayed Status, could the status be changed automatically once has this already been created?

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