Stripe paymnet not working

Hi there

So I did a test on live mode with my stripe, it says the payment went through and charged, however when I go to my stripe account I don’t see a new deposit and also I was not charged, is there a delay in the system or have I set up something wrong? Please let me know.

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Very odd. The payments usually come on within a few seconds. Did you also verify that the charge was taken from your bank account/credit card?

If the money was pulled from your account and has not shown up in your Stripe dashboard, I’d highly recommend submitting a ticket as there may be something that didn’t link properly. Submit a Support Ticket

Hi it seems to be working now, the user is charged however is not updated in stripe but I believe it will update in stripe soon

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Very odd indeed. Something like this may require even reaching out to Stripe to ensure that the money is coming in and going to the right places.

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