Stuck on relationship between food type & users

Hi guys,

I am trying to set up my app in which users can search for their family or friends and add them to their ‘‘network’’. I would like people in these family/friends networks to all swipe the same set of dishes (food dishes) to decide together what to eat tonight.

I am following the steps of Adalocado. Matching Deck Swipe Sessions in Adalo (foodmood app build #2) - YouTube

In the video I am stuck at the steps in minute 15:37, I cannot add the ‘‘current food type’’ in Mutual Food Types.

So what I want to do: I am trying to update the Current Session → User 1 Foods. I am trying this to ‘‘contain Current Food Type’’. But I cannot choose Current Food Type from the dropdown.

(same issue goes for User 2 - Foods)

If you know what I am doing wrong, please let me know. Highly appreciated ! <3

Find my app here MealMatch Clone Clone

Hi @youriadaloaccount,

I also faced this issue with your setup! Not sure if this a bug a or a update.

In here you could flip the condition as Current Food Type > Sessions ( User 1 Foods ) > All > Contains > Current Session. Same for User 2 Foods.

Try that and let us know!

Thank you

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