Take video not available in Test Flight app?

Hiya guys, have an interesting problem, the take video option that is available in the web version is not available in the Test Flight native version, this is a crucial feature that I would like available for coaches to quickly take video and such. Is there a specific reason for this?

Thx for any help



Bumping this, I hope I’m not the only one experiencing this? @dilon_perera @Victor any help would be great, this is a crucial omission.


Adalo does not support that yet, if you want this feature you can check itsmi.store he has a custom component for that purpose, i very recommend it


Hey @tbel,

I’m not sure but that maybe a bug or a limitation for native apps like Jimmy mentioned. Did you submitted a ticket? Maybe @Adalo_CXTeam can confirm? Also is it possible to take a video or a photo if you click Photo/Video option?

Thank you

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Appreciate it @njimmy10 will check it out… @dilon_perera No unfortunately it goes to the Photo Library, which means the user will have to take a video outside the app, then search for it in the app, as you can imagine, not very user friendly :slight_smile: Thx for getting back!

Hmm unfortunately there’s nothing in the store? Just asked me to sign in, but nothing to buy

[Edit had to create a name, but @ $8USD / month, $100 /yr just to take a video and separate for Photo, is a bit much, thx for the help though, appreciate it]

@dilon_perera I’ll submit a ticket

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Out of curiosity, did you test this in a published app or was it Testflight? Trying to discern if this has to do with any limitation Testflight may have.

Testflight is like a published app, but not for the public, either way i tested both ways, but as i said adalo doesn’t support that.

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