Text field in MODAL updating whole list and not current choice

I have a list of reservations:

And I add a button - When clicking it it opens a modal with more reservations details:


But when I write in the field “Notas:” and click “ok” to update current reservation, it will update same text in all fields of the other reservations

Is it a bug, because is it considering that “Current Reservation” is the while list that is showing? How to only update that specific reservation when in List format? Thank you.

Opening and editing in “modal” should only change that reservation

Thank you very much.

Sorry for such a late reply @sebastas.

I just had a look at this but I cannot reproduce it. Seems to be working fine and only adding a note to the current reservation.

Hi Colin,
My apologies, I fixed it. The issue was that I was using the fields and then a submit button separately. Then I just added the form with those 2 fields and it works fine.

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