That trait you are worried others will find ‘weird’ about you is actually your superhero power in disguise. 🦸

You don’t have quirks to fix…

You have unique strengths to amplify.

All those things you’re worried others will find ‘weird’ about you? Those are your superhero powers in disguise.

Are all those ideas you’re worried about “too out there” for people to relate to? That’s exactly the stuff your audience needs to hear you share more often.


Because good news, my fellow Adaloan: You’re not the only weirdo out there!

You’re not the only colorful, loud, radiant, creator of cool things in the world.

There are more of us.

And, we want to know you! But we can’t unless you’re out there being your weird self.

When there’s a part of you that doesn’t “fit the mold,” your instinct might be to cover it up, fix it, make it blend in….

But don’t.

Your ‘weird’ is your strength. It’s what draws people to you.

Share it. Be proud of it. Amplify your weird. :mega::crazy_face:

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