The payment of an offer is impossible

I would like to subscribe to the professional offer but I can’t pay because I have the following message: There was a problem processing your payment. This customer has no attached payment source or default payment method. Please consider adding a default payment method. For more information, visit Set payment methods per-subscription | Stripe Documentation.

Is the website buggy or my browser?

Hi @vincent.monnier,

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So you are trying to create your Stripe account and you get this error?

Or you are trying to connect the Stripe API and getting this error?

Thank you

No, I want to buy the “Professional” offer at $65. But I have a stripe message and I can’t buy
I have created an application in free version but I want to upgrade now


Oh you are trying to pay via Stripe and get this error? The best would Submitting a support ticket.

Maybe @Adalo_CXTeam ( apologize again for tagging you guys ) can add some more information?

Can I pay with another system for adalo offers?

I think you can pay via your credit card!

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