The speed of the application in Ukraine

Hi there! Tell me, please, I’m developing the first application on the Adalo platform and I’m worried about how fast it will run. Is there a need to store data on Xano and are there studies that confirm that the Xano app will run faster? I live in Ukraine and develop an application for Ukrainians and I know that servers that are located far from us can also affect the speed of the application. Maybe I’m worried about it in vain and everything will work quickly, but decided to ask your opinion)

I wouldn’t just assume Xano will be automatically faster. If your app is heavy and requires lots of logic, Xano CAN make it faster. But it’s a bigger learning curve and you may not need it. It will depend on your app.

I’m not familiar with how fast Adalo runs in Europe so much, but maybe other users can share their experience.

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Living in the UK I find Adalo runs pretty well, until east coast America comes online, then things slow down a bit.
My advice, get your important work done in the morning… :slight_smile:

Hope sanity returns to Ukraine soon, the situation there looks like a complete nightmare!
I had a small dev team work for me out of Lviv, went there on a business trip once, beautiful city…

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Thank you for supporting Ukraine, I am also from Lviv!

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