There are always 2 screens active

When changing from one page to another, the previous one is hidden behind the screen that is being used. I already made a thread explaining this when using screen to screen transitions. I thought that it depends on the transition, this would happen or not, but it turns out that it always happens. I have noticed why if a video is played, it is still heard on the next screen, but not on the next one. This means that in addition to the list, actions, multimedia files, loading and other resources used by the screen we are on, the resources used from the previous screen also count.

Isn’t there any way that when changing the screen, the previous one is deactivated?

In addition to improving performance, possible errors in use would be avoided, such as, for example, the sound of a video being kept on the next screen…

I dont think so. But you will have to contact adalo for more

i think because of the going back button the last screen will have to be kept on the record just so if the user decide to go back

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