Time condition action

Hello, is there a way to use time condition like this:
-Click on the button start video.
Then after watching the video:
-Click on the button validate video, add 1 point (only if this button is cliked 1 min after the button “start video”)

I don’t find the solution on forums or adalo’s help. Thanks you very much, have a nice day !

PS: Sorry for my bad English, i’m french.

Can you explain more details that would be better for the solution you need

You could have a record that updated with the first button that sets a start time. Then for the second button, you could update the record again with the end time. You could then add another conditional action that updates the record by adding 1 point, but this action only runs if the end time is greater than the start time plus 1 minute

Thanks for responding, so I just got there

Thank you very much, I used this logic it didn’t work, but it just worked right now! Your product is awesome, big support from france