Time elapsed clock - how to achieve this?

Does anybody know of a neat way to calculate expired times?
I can do A. I would like to achieve B.

When the “Game” starts the time is stored in the collection as ‘Game Start’
a) ‘Current Time’ - ‘Game Start’ = 185 seconds.
b) 3 min 5 sec

Plenty of countdown timer components out there.
The Stopwatch component timer needs an input to start counting and becomes irrelevant when navigating away from the page.

Thanks for any ideas

Hey there @Rozza

Use date/time parameters for Start time and End time.

You can use a filter where End Time is before Current Time to perform whatever actions when the game is expired.

Hi @flawless

Sorry I haven’t been clear.

I am trying to display a minutes and seconds counter on screen to the user.

Game starts after loading from previous screen

Timer reads 00:01
After 185 seconds elapse
Timer reads 03:05
After 240 seconds elaps
Timer reads 04:00
After 659 seconds elapse
Timer reads 10:59

Reason for not using the Stopwatch is that the user must be able to navigate away from screen / close app, then timer recalculates elapsed time when that screen is loaded next time.

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